Building Inspection and Zoning Administation

Building Inspection and Zoning Administation


The City of Berlin Zoning Office provides information and guidance regarding local zoning and land use laws, regulations, and policies for development in the City of Berlin. The Zoning Office in conjunction with the Planning Commission oversees the site plan review process for all multifamily, commercial and industrial projects in the city,  rezonings, annexations, certified survey maps, plats, code amendments, and other discretionary approvals. The Board of Appeals reviews and processes requests for variances and conditional use permits. Zoning staff provides technical support to the Board of Appeals and the Planning Commission.

108 N. Capron St. (second floor)
(P.O. Box 272)
Berlin, WI 54923

Zoning Administrator: Tim Ludolph
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
Phone: 920-361-5156

Building Inspector, John Lust
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday  8:30 am – 10:30 am
Phone: 920-210-6351
Fax: 920-361-5405

When is a permit and inspection needed?

Inspections for the following must be made BEFORE proceeding to the next phase:

  1. Footings (forms in place, prior to pouring concrete).
  2. Foundation (drain title and stone in place, insulation if required, prior to back fill).
  3. Underfloor plumbing (piping installed and on test).
  4. Basement floor ( vapor barrier, drain tile, and sump crock in place prior to pouring concrete).
  5. Rough constriction, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC (work completed prior insulation).
  6. Electrical services.
  7. Insulation (insulation an vapor barrier installed, before drywall).
  8. Final inspection (all phases and trades completed, prior to occupancy).


Frequently Asked Questions about when a permit is needed?

Fee Schedule

A Land Use Permit is Required for any alterations within the Floodway or Flood-fringe.

Berlin_Land Use Permit_Application

H+H Study Checklist- DNR

River Frontage Setback

FIRM Maps:




Zoning Map and Forms

Submit the application at least three weeks in advance of the relevant meeting (either Board of Appeals or Planning Commission). Review can only begin upon receipt of the completed application and supplemental items.

Zoning Matrix

  • * 100 sq ft or less 3 ft, 101 to 500 sq ft 6 ft, 500+ setback for principal structure
  • ** 1400 sq ft less than 1 acre, increased 100 sq ft for each additional acre with a maximum of 1800 sq ft.
  • *** where 40 percent or more of the frontage of one side of the block is less than 20 feet, buildings may be erected or structurally altered to conform to the average front yard depth of that block.

This matrix is just for quick reference.  Review the Code of Ordinances for more information.